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Regardless of your current situation or experience of the mortgage market, choosing the most appropriate deal for you can be an overwhelming task. The 2016 Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) placed greater emphasis on individual affordability and choosing the right lender is imperative. Be it a flexible offset mortgage, a fixed rate, capped rate, tracker rate, repayment or interest only mortgage, we can recommend the right arrangement for your circumstances to keep your own house in order.  

We act as your agent, representing your interests to all parties, creating a buffer or comfort zone for you to concentrate on other pressing issues; like LCD or Plasma! First Time Buyers and subsequent Movers use our personalised service to ensure a smooth process.  Buy to let has also become an integral part of the market, with recent tax and regulatory changes making this area particularly complex.  

"Excellent communicators, timely feedback & absolute experts in finding the right deal. 100% recommend - you won’t be disappointed!"

Mr L Troupe, North Yorkshire

Mortgages for those Self-Employed individuals require special attention depending on the company structure including Contractors. We specialise in this area; fielding recommendations from several firms of highly reputable accountants, including numerous members of the Creative IndustriesFlexible Offset Mortgages have also proved popular for these clients as well as for those with savings built up when Remortgaging and High Net Worth individuals.   

Alternatively, you may be looking to free up capital from your home and we can individually tailor a solution for you be it via your existing lender, a Remortgage or a Secured Loan, which have recently moved into the mainstream arena. Bridging Finance can also be a cost effective short term solution and we can look at other Commercial Solutions.

It is more important than ever to ensure you receive the best advice possible. Many people are now finding it more difficult to obtain a mortgage, particularly if you have had past Credit Hiccups. Banks & Building societies are now cherry picking their clients and you need to know how to access the best interest rates. Long-term mortgage affordability is the key factor in your home buying decision. You should remember this is your home and not necessarily an investment. Recent economic events remind us that you cannot rely on values to increase continuously.

How do you jump through those hoops to choose from all of these possibilities?  You need an expert to guide you, the type of knowhow you can obtain at Independent James. 

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First-time buyers

Speed is of the essence in the purchase process and quite often can be a determinant factor for you in obtaining your dream property.



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